Consulting Services

Our team of highly experienced professionals can assist your organization with developing short and long term technology strategies as well as provide expertise to maximize Federal funding.

Five Points’ 20 years of experience in public sector system implementation and augmentation provides our customers with real-world, practical experience in managing funding cycles for technical budgets.

We make it a point to have a working knowledge of legislative direction in expenditure and how this in turn will affect our customers and their plans to respond to changes within health and human services fiscal matters affecting customer budgets. Whether balancing a shoestring budget for a short term system enhancement or planning a multi-year project for enterprise implementation, our approach to helping guide fiscal appropriation for our customers ensures the best use of IT budgets are applied in implementing the right-sized technology where and when it is needed, with an eye towards workflow efficiency and organization.

Five Points’ strategic approach in working closely with our customers is to first seek to understand the problem at hand and its root cause analysis within the customer’s environment before offering practical technical solutions, each of which has its own merit in terms of short and long-term returns. Our objective in helping our customers select the best organizational approach towards effective use of scarce technical dollars is to provide qualified information needed to make the best informed decision now as a key component of long-term system planning for growth.