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Kansas Department for Children and Families

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Kansas Department for Children and Families uses Five Points’ solution to facilitate the matching of youth in foster care with eligible caregivers.

In June of 2018, the Kansas Department for Children and Families released a Request for Proposals to obtain competitive responses from vendors to provide a foster care “Placement Management System” (PMS) for youth in the custody of the Secretary for out-of-home placement.  The goal of this system was to provide recommendations for the best possible placement for a child removed from their parent/caregiver and, in addition, manage, track and analyze foster care placements.  The system was required to store data and information regarding the placement of children and youth brought into custody, as well as placement of data and information concerning every foster home, group home, residential center, relative placement and non-relative kinship (NRKIN) placement associated with the State of Kansas Child Welfare System.

The placement management system required integrating with other State of Kansas data systems utilized in the Child Welfare system, including DCF FACTS (state SACWIS system) and SCRIPTS (financial application), as well as CLARIS (licensing and compliance software system).

During the course of a nine-month implementation process, Five Points worked with members of the Program Office, Office of Information Technology Services, other state agencies and the State’s contracted child welfare agencies to understand business requirements, procedures and policies.  This high-intensity activity provided the analysis for proper system configuration and custom development needed for the CareMatch platform.  Five Points was also responsible for assembling system documentation as well as facilitating a statewide training schedule for over 900 DCF and contracted staff.

Florida Department of Health / Office of Medical Marijuana Use

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Florida Department of Health, Office of Medical Marijuana Use partners with Five Points to develop a statewide patient registry to help Florida residents.

Five Points Technology Group had the opportunity to bid on the development, hosting and maintenance Request for Proposals in 2014, resulting in a successful award. Since that time, Five Points has partnered with the OMMU to continue to scale and expand the infrastructure and capabilities of the Medical Marijuana Use Registry.

Five Points’ experience with the MMUR demonstrates a hands-on technical understanding of application functionality, system integration, industry compliant data security controls and software application hosting in a state-of-the-art secure and hardened data center. The MMUR system today has matured by the dedicated support of Five Points to include the addition of multiple enhancements and data connections to outside systems through timely and cost-effective project management and implementation practices. By delivering true operational value and efficiencies to the OMMU how and when it’s been needed, Five Points has implemented and supports an intuitive system with functionality relied on daily by physicians, law enforcement, dispensing organizations, clients/patients and OMMU staff.

Five Points’ thorough understanding of successfully addressing the challenges faced by the OMMU has been met with both responsive support and maintenance of the MMUR system. Many members of the technical team are the same individuals that were involved during the original software development, as well as the recent enhancement schedule requested by the OMMU.

ACH Child and Family Services

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Lead agencies benefit from using software solutions offered by Five Points to better manage the child welfare system of care and local providers within the community.

Over the past seven years, Five Points has partnered with ACH to provide technology solutions, data integration services, information management consultation and, most recently, analytics solutions.

Beginning in 2014, Five Points designed and developed what is now the Texas Provider Gateway. The Gateway is a complex integration project seamlessly serving critical data from the subcontracted provider network to the Texas lead agencies and DFPS. It promotes data integrity and reduces vital worker time that would otherwise be spent double-entering the same data points across systems. Additionally, Five Points provides the core technology solution, CoBRIS, for OCOK as the lead agency. The CoBRIS solution includes modules to manage:

  • Provider network and licensing
  • Placement matching, placement and post-placement documentation
  • Purchase of service/utilization management
  • Case management
  • Critical incidents
  • Worker management
  • Financial processing and payments

Five Points and ACH are now partnering in the design and development of CBC Navigator, a cutting-edge analytics solution for all levels of management within a comprehensive child welfare organization.

Iowa Department of Human Services

Iowa Department of Human Services

Iowa Department of Human Services has partnered with Five Points for five-plus years to provide an Electronic Inpatient Bed Tracking System and matching and placement system for foster youth.

Since 2011, Five Points has been working with IADHS and its child welfare community partners to provide a software application to support foster youth placement, matching and provider management. In 2016, Five Points was also awarded a contract to provide an Electronic Inpatient Bed Tracking System.

Over the past 10 years, Five Points has partnered with IADHS and its many stakeholders to customize its “CareMatch” product. We believe that the Department and Five Points have developed a strong working relationship that allows for open dialogue, opportunities for collaboration, responsive feedback from both parties and an intimate understanding of requirements needed to support the IADHS’ Child Welfare and Mental Health Programs.

Leveraging this cooperative partnership between IADHS and Five Points has resulted in the development of two software systems that drive operational efficiencies, improve service delivery and increase accountability for community partners and IADHS staff.