Software Development

Whether you are looking for assistance with the development of a custom application or using one of the products we have installed across the county, we can help with your development needs.

The Five Points software development team provides years of experience in analyzing, designing, implementing and supporting customized software solutions that meet the exact specifications of our customers.

Using updated web and cloud-based technologies, our professional application team strives to provide an intuitive and efficient user experience through data capture, reporting and cutting edge interactive data visualization. Automation of manual procedures and data integration to external systems are supported wherever practical application will provide data integrity and effective time savings for our customer’s staff.

For Five Points’ existing products, our developers have acquired significant knowledge specific to HHS workflows, collected with the support of years of customer feedback and refinements to represent the best in breed application library functionality and workflow productivity design. These design elements represent collective process improvement in organizational workflow management and can be re-used by our programming team using a minimum of effort and expense within any system implementation.

Our customers have found the combination of design efficiencies, reduced time for implementation and resulting cost savings a welcome addition to their combined systems capabilities.