Behavioral Health

Our line up of products and services includes integration services between state agencies and local providers, statewide facility bed tracking and patient registry systems, and local behavioral health electronic health record platforms.

Five Points behavioral health and substance abuse systems maintain a client-centered focus to comprehensive client care. 

In the changing behavioral health landscape, systems that are capable of integrating disparate data representing a continuum of care throughout client history and the life of the case are providing new capabilities to a wide range of stakeholders and client care decision makers. Each provides a critical component of connecting clients to the most appropriate service targets within the larger behavioral health delivery system.

Five Points statewide psychiatric bed tracking has provided invaluable efficiencies toward guiding client services. Continually updating bed availability enables crisis hotline, law enforcement and emergency room staff to quickly and easily locate available bed types matched to specific client need and proximity. By managing client assessment data at both the provider and statewide network management levels through aggregate trends, Five Points systems provide meaningful insights for individualized clinical decision making for clients. System wide performance measures tracking helps drive meaningful improvements to holistic care delivery. Our time tested integrated solution continues to expand by supporting efficiencies to local provider systems and connectivity to state level behavioral health and substance abuse systems. Results include improved client care, decreased recidivism, and effective utilization management.

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