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Behavix, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Information System was designed by Five Points from the ground up to support comprehensive management of behavioral health services for providers and managing entities.

Behavix, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Information System was designed by Five Points from the ground up to support comprehensive management of behavioral health services for providers and managing entities. From tracking fund utilization through any service channel to performance measures reporting created to drive evidence based program effectiveness, Behavix supports a wide range of application functionality designed to simplify the daily requirements of service providers and the organizations they report to, including but are not limited to:

  • Contract management
  • Documentation and compliance management
  • Service data upload and data entry validation
  • Clinical bed tracking and wait list functions
  • Utilization management rules and higher levels of care reporting
  • Consumer survey functions
  • Financial accounting tracking to streamline provider payment processing
  • Robust system administration and access control
  • Performance measure reporting
  • Data ETL interface for statewide reporting or additional Data Exchange
  • System branding

Key Software Features

Contract Management

Behavix allows providers and managing entities to create dynamic and secure contracts online, eliminating the need for delays in the contract management amendment and approval cycle with typical paper based systems.

Managing entity (ME) contract managers are granted exclusive rights within the system to amend electronic contracts with the approval of their provider counterparts through automated messaging, creating up to the minute, live agreements which drive accurate service cost and allow the managing entity to reorganize provider services as needed to better utilize fund allocation during fiscal reporting periods.

The contract established between the ME and the Provider forms the basis for services provided, electronically submitted, processed, invoiced and paid. It also allows the ME to quickly, and easily, reallocate provider funding based on contract performance or DCF funding changes.

Documentation and Compliance Management

Health and Human Services contracts are typically subject to submission of a tremendous amount of documentation; some contractual while others are regulatory of nature. Keeping up with the submission requirements across contracts, and the dependency between those documentation requirements, often pose a significant challenge to contract managers.

Behavix provides a Document and Compliance Management module that establishes and tracks the submission requirements for each contract throughout the provider network. Automated emails remind providers of coming-due and past-due notifications to reduce unnecessary communications between both parties and simplify contractual compliance.

Service Data Upload and Data Entry Verification

Behavix flexibly allows small, medium, and large sized providers to either upload their service data into the system using a predefined record data layout, or use direct data entry functionality in order to load service data into the system one record at a time.

Though most of the data comes from integration with provider EHR systems, some smaller providers rely on the ability to perform direct data entry into the system. In addition to extensive data validation edits for data entry Providers, Behavix provides intelligent feedback to Providers performing data upload, allowing them to review and correct errors on failed records.

Clinical Bed Tracking and Wait List Functions

Currently available, specifically targeted care is available across the network as all Providers maintain their open beds in Behavix for each service and funding type. Managing Entities are able to review available beds at a glance through live on-screen dashboards, user-customized reports and data analytics designed to pinpoint constraints and availability throughout the provider network. With an increasing scarcity of behavioral health beds in many states across the country, Behavix allows an unparalleled view into updated bed availability for each client’s needs.

Utilization Management Rules and Higher Levels of Care Reporting

The Utilization Management engine allows the ME to set thresholds for services rendered and receive alerts when these thresholds are met or exceeded. The Higher Levels of Care reporting that is available in the UM module tracks the high utilizers across the network and specifically tracks when the maximum admissions and/or the maximum number of service days are met or about to be met. The output of these reports enable Providers and Managing entities with the data required to follow up on the progress and services provided to consumers.

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