Child Welfare

Today’s state, lead, and local child welfare agencies are challenged with operating more efficiently with less and less resources.  

As child welfare organizations continue to evolve programmatically, the expectation is that software will bring business process efficiencies and quicker availability to data for measuring practice and clinical outcomes.

Federal Rules have recently provided the flexibility to States by changing the State Automated Child Welfare Information Systems (SACWIS) guidelines. Bi-directional data exchanges to support interoperability among state and local systems is now allowed, as evident in the 2016 announcement of the Comprehensive Child Welfare Information System (CCWIS) Rule. This change encourages innovation for developing modern and innovative systems, eliminating duplicate entry, and reduces the maintenance costs to traditional large monolithic systems.

The promise of these new federal rules which transition from traditional SACWIS environments to more “open” architectures that allow for interoperability between state data systems and contracted provider systems – Five Points Technology Group has demonstrated the experience to facilitate these efforts. These efforts are a combination of technical expertise, policy familiarity, and political savvy.

For nearly two decades, Five Points has been managing data from health and human service data systems and in particular, child welfare and behavioral health. Beginning in the State of Florida, working with the CBCs, Five Points led the charge on receiving data from the SACWIS system and began to work with CBCs to redesign the way these organizations viewed client data and performed their daily tasks.

This effort gained tremendous momentum in Florida whereby, many of the CBCs leveraged Five Points solutions. Experience grew, relationships were built, lessons were learned, and systems were expanded over the years. Now Five Points applications are used across the country, servicing all levels in the child welfare system of care.

Find out how CoBRIS, Five Points comprehensive software, is dedicated to the management of child welfare cases.