The Community Based Resource Information System (CoBRIS) Adult Protective Services (APS) module is Software as a Service (SaaS) that enables agencies to track the entire process of the APS workflow from tracking investigations, assessments, notes, case management and case outcomes. It is also paired with a robust mobile app and a comprehensive set of business intelligence reports.

Powered by a sophisticated user management module, CoBRIS supports complex organizational hierarchies necessary for statewide deployments used by staff and providers.

The CoBRIS APS Module is available through supported web browsers and a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Dashboard formats allow users to see and manage tasks or assignments. Easy navigation between screens allows for quick data capture and viewing of documents, pictures, and assessments.

CoBRIS’ workflow provides alerts and notifications when appropriate. Field staff will also have the ability to leverage the application during on or offline status, to efficiently perform their investigations through the mobile app. 

The app also allows users to immediately alert law enforcement in case of an emergency, use speech-to-text technology to record statements, capture video, take pictures, draw on forms for documenting evidence of abuse, complete forms, or assessments and capture electronic signatures.

Key Software Features

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  • Create new cases and enter all relevant investigation information
  • View and filter cases by assigned worker, date, and recently viewed
  • Configure forms, assessments and notes per agency workflow
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  • View upcoming tasks, events and deadlines
  • Send notifications for assessments, calender events and tasks
  • Create, categorize and review notes
  • Queue work for the next workflow processes
  • Refer services and manage case closure
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  • Leverage interactive GIS mapping for directions
  • Pre-populate, complete and electronically sign standard assessments and forms
  • Capability to draw on forms
  • Client e-signatures
  • Speech to text and listen to text
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  • Quick navigation, swipe to information, view and update in the field
  • Capture various media including text, audio, pictures and video files
  • Synchronize data with State systems, CoBRIS mobile app and laptop/desktop environments
  • Support the ability to work online or offline in a mobile capacity
Client Management


  • Standard and custom reporting
  • Assess department operations and track outcomes
  • Analyze large data sets with CoBRIS data visualization tool

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